Fairy Dreams Gift Box

Fairy Dreams Gift Box


This box is for the sweet creative fairy lovers aged 4-8 years old.


A birthday / special gift which encourages imaginary play and creativity:


• 1x fairy wand by The Rustic at Heart

• 1x fairy potion by The Rustic at Heart

• 2x maxi tea lights (decorative use only)

• 1x small bag of dried flowers + crystals


Candle Instructions:


• Make sure an adult is with you to help.

• Carefully melt the top of your candle with a hair dryer or heat gun.

• Once the top of your candle is wet, carefully sprinkle and decorate with the flowers and crystals.

• Let your candle dry then share your creations with us online @elimandco

• Enjoy your new creation!

• There is no need to burn your candle - the smell will fill your room without being lit